Combined Keys To The Kingdom

Missionary, Teresa Robinson has been a member of New Beginning Ministries Inc. for the past 16 years. She was with New Beginning Ministries during our humble beginnings and was present when we bought the land where our sanctuary stands today. She is married to Minister, Melvin Robinson also of New Beginning and they are the parenst of two children. Missionary Teresa Robinson has been the church Ckerk, Sunday School Teacher, and is presently serving as the Financial Secretary. She teaches other women the value of having a faithful husband and how to faithfully peform the duties as a Godly wife. She promotes education and encourages our youth to reach for the stars.

Mount Olive, NC

Pastor Elect, Wilhemina Stewart is serving as pastor of New Beginning Ministries Christian Church Inc. 1155 Mills Road Mount Olive, NC. She has served in this position for the past 18 months and promotes the gosple of the Lord Jesus Christ to all that will hear. Her focus is geared towards single and abandoned women with children. Her messages are presented out of a position of experience giving her listeners a personal view of just how great the Lord Jesus Christ can be in ther lives as they make an attempt to rasie those children with the children's fathers.

Transportation Ministry

Deacon, John Dailey also has been at New Beginning since its humble beginning and saw the construction of the new sanctuary that now stands on Hwy 39 in Epsom, NC. Deacon Dailey has served in several capacities in the church and association as and not limited to; deacon ministry, church treasurer, vice president of business affairs, transportation minstry and Sunday School teacher. He is married to Trustee, Sarah Dailey and they have three children.

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